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Additional Race support:

All of our packages include; race entry, entry fee and processing, transportation to and from the Expo, transportation to the start, transportation from the finish back to our hotel, pre-race orientation with review of all details about the race, our own sweep vehicles, our own support station at the half, additional snacks and refreshments at the half and the finish.

12 Day / 11 Night Tour:

If you want to truly experience the magic and antiquity of Greece and the Marathon, this is the choice for you. You'll be headquartered in the Aegean resort community of Vouliagmeni. Daily runs by the ocean. Lots of sightseeing, guided tours and Apostolos'superb runner support at the Marathon.

6 Day / 5 Night Tour:

A shorter version of the above, for those who have limited time.


The reason for this is to offer you maximum flexibility.

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Hang Your Medals with a photo of the Greece medal hanging on a SportHook.

The Spirit of the Marathon II
The first ever feature-length movie of the marathon.

Stand Up for Greece
(the greek people)
Greece is safe to travel

Athens Half Marathon

Greece is safe to travel

I would like to remind everyone, that the demonstrations in Athens which have been in the news, only takes places in the area in front of the Parliament building. (This is not an everyday occurrence.)  Approximately five blocks away, the stores were open with business as usual. TOURISM IS ALIVE AND WELL IN ATHENS, AS WELL AS ALL THROUGHOUT GREECE.

99.9% of the Greek population believes in peaceful demonstrations, the same way the rest of the free world does. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT GREECE IS A DEMOCRACY AND FREE SPEECH AND HUMAN RIGHTS ARE HIGHLY PROTECTED. It is not like the dictatorship of Libya or Egypt. The Primary religion in Greece is Greek Orthodox and traces it’s roots back to the  Apostles and Jesus Christ. Even though Greece is going through some difficult financial times, everyone protects and supports tourism in Athens and throughout Greece.

Greece’s main economy depends on tourism. The Greek government and the Greek citizens do everything to make tourists feel welcome and safe. The demonstrators who make the headlines are a small number of extremists/anarchists. Similar situations were taking place last November, during the Athens Marathon time; runners enjoyed Athens without any problems. 

Let’s be fair about it.  The demonstrations are no different in Greece than those in the U.S. where you will find the extremists. 

Greece, with its rich history which became the foundation of Western Civilization, continues to inspire everyone that looks into its 3000 year old history.   From the mainland and its many beautiful beaches, to each of the unique Greek islands, the Greek people and their friendly hospitality are always welcoming tourists. 

The Greek people and their passion for enjoying life are always helpful to all visitors.

You can help the Greek people with your visit.
Thank you very much,
Paul Samaras


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