Run the Original Historical Course

Marathon, 10k and 5k
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November 8th, 2015


Additional Race support:

All of our packages include; race entry, entry fee and processing, transportation to and from the Expo, transportation to the start, transportation from the finish back to our hotel, pre-race orientation with review of all details about the race, our own sweep vehicles, our own support station at the half, additional snacks and refreshments at the half and the finish.

12 Day / 11 Night Tour:

If you want to truly experience the magic and antiquity of Greece and the Marathon, this is the choice for you. You'll be headquartered in the Aegean resort community of Vouliagmeni. Daily runs by the ocean. Lots of sightseeing, guided tours and Apostolos'superb runner support at the Marathon.

6 Day / 5 Night Tour:

A shorter version of the above, for those who have limited time.


The reason for this is to offer you maximum flexibility.

Apostolos Greek Tours, Inc. is not a travel agency but a tour operator specializing in the Athens Marathon since 1994.

*Tia Bielenberg, who is affiliated with Allure Travel, located here in Colorado. Tia can be reached on her direct line, 720-842-0282, Monday through Friday, 9am – 5pm MST.

Disclaimer * Tia Bielenberg and Allure Travel are separate entities from Apostolos Greek Tours, Inc. They are independent agents that Apostolos Greek Tours, Inc. is referring its travelers for assistance regarding airline ticketing and travel insurance.

Hang Your Medals with a photo of the Greece medal hanging on a SportHook.

The Spirit of the Marathon II
The first ever feature-length movie of the marathon.

Stand Up for Greece
(the greek people)
Greece is safe to travel

Athens Half Marathon

Travel Tips

Things you should consider before you make your travel plans. The Advantages of using Apostolos Greek Tours verses booking it yourself on the internet.

International travel is very complex and requires a knowledgeable professional travel agent. Their value can't be overlooked.

"Apples and Oranges, how much does it really cost?"
When you are making your travel plans frequently you forget to include all of the extra expenses such as taxis, transfers, meals, sightseeing and entry fees and your time. You think you are saving money but you may not.

Hidden costs
Some internet sites are priced in Euros and require a credit card payment. You should be aware of the difference in currency exchanges and hidden bank and credit card fees. Don’t be surprised when you receive your credit card statement.

A good specialized travel agent will be a sounding board for your ideas and help screen the destination to fit your interest. The internet can't interact with you the way a person can.

Transportation Woes...
One cannot gauge the amount of time it takes to get from one place to another as well as to know the transportation needed to get there without the right information. You can lose a lot of time and it can be very frustrating. What is your vacation worth?

Don't expect the hotel front desk to be your local travel agent. Pre-plan and pre-book flights, tours, cruises and hotel rooms through a professional travel agent before you leave home. Otherwise you end up waiting for confirmations, schedules and tickets when you could be out having a good time.

No matter how much information you can get on a destination from the internet, it will never replace the knowledge and expertise of a travel agent who specialized in the destination you are going to.

"Cheapest is rarely the best or location, location, location..."
The cheaper hotel located outside the city limits may look like a good deal until you factor in the cost in time and money needed to get into town where all of the sightseeing and attractions are located. The hotel you might book on your own via the internet may be in a bad location or away from where you intended to be.

How much time should I allow for...? How long should I spend on this island or in that city? Is three days too much? Is one day not enough? The internet won't give you this information. Your professional travel agent will know to schedule your flights with adequate time to allow for unforeseen delays. You won't find common sense on the internet.
"Don't forget the value of a knowledgeable tour guide"

The value of a knowledgeable and good tour guide is immeasurable. They can make your whole vacation worthwhile by enhancing the historical or significance of the site or museum you are visiting. A good tour guide can greatly enhance your experience and give you lifelong memories.

The internet won't advise against renting a car in places where mass transit excels and driving and parking are a nightmare.

Culture Shock...
Language and cultural barriers abound. Expect surprises and keep an open mind.
What if I fall and break my foot or have a medical emergency? Is travel insurance a good idea?

The internet sells rooms and a seat on the bus or airplane, travel agents sell rooms, a seat, knowledge and service for about the same price.

  •  Our tours include your hotel, daily breakfast, most meals, all transfers and transportation, entry fees to all activities and private knowledgeable guides to the archeological sites.

  •  We have been doing this since 1994.

  •  Apostolos Greek Tours is the specialist for the Athens Marathon.

  •  We know Greece and the Athens Marathon.

  •  Paul Samaras, the owner personally escorts every group.

  •  We track all runners from the start in Marathon to the finish in Athens.

  •  We have our own sweep vehicles.

  •  We make race number distribution easy.

  •  Guaranteed race entry.

  •  Complete pre-race information.

  •  We provide an insight into Greece that you won't get if you do it on your own.

  •  We provide arrival orientation.

  •  We offer a relaxed and carefree vacation.

  •  Since 1994, Apostolos Greek Tours has listened to runners and has fine tuned an itinerary that highlights Greece and looks after the needs of runners.


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