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Welcome to Apostolos Greek Tours, Inc. The Athens Marathon: The Authentic specialist since 1994

Apostolos Greek Tours, Inc.

THE SPECIALIST FOR THE ATHENS MARATHON: THE AUTHENTIC, has been working closely with SEGAS (hellenic amateur athletic association), that administers the marathon since 1994.

We hope you’ll consider participating in one of our tour packages. Whether you do so or not, we want this site to be useful to you. Apostolos Greek Tours strives to serve the entire running community —not just our own customers.

In 2004 Evaggelos Papapostolou, Technical Director of the Athens Classic Marathon, presenting Paul Samaras with an award for promoting the event.

Apostolos Greek Tours, Inc. was the official North American representative for the Athens Marathon: The Authentic up until 2004. During this time, we received the following endorsement from the organizing committee.

S.E.G.A.S. (official organizing committee) endorsement.

Apostolos Greek Tours, as the Official North America Representative has worked closely with the Athens Marathon: The Authentic organizing committee for the past 10 years. The organizing committee highly recommends Apostolos Greek Tours to all US and Canadian runners because Apostolos Greek Tours offers the most complete support packages. Their knowledge of Greece and the needs of runners exceeds all others.

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Our tour packages are not your typical tours.
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Why hundred’s of runners choose our tours

Enjoy the true spirit of Greece.

Our most popular tour package, the 12 Day/10 Night Tour, captures the very essence of Greece-the spirit of ancient heroism that makes the Athens Marathon the unique event it is.

Personal and Friendly.

Participation in our packages are limited. This gives your host Paul Samaras and his professional guides plenty of time to help you enjoy the rich history and culture of Greece to its fullest. This is the perfect size group for having fun and making new friends.

Unique runner support.

Includes no-hassle registration, entry fees (entry fees and processing are guaranteed and included with all our packages), race orientation, transportation to and from the run, our own sweep car, high-energy snacks, extra support at the half and the finish, and much more.

No hassles.

Apostolos Greek Tours offers you a way to get the enjoyment without any hassle, to concentrate on what’s important- running and experiencing Greece to its fullest.

An open letter from Paul Samaras, your host:

Dear Runners:

Thank you for your interest in our Athens Marathon packages. As a Greek native, now living in the United States, I take great pride in escorting runners and sharing the rich Greek history and culture with everyone. 

  • My goal has always been to help each runner enjoy Athens and the marathon as much as possible. It all started as a labor of love in 1994 and to this day, we continue to present the highest quality of service with our support packages for the Athens Marathon.  
  • My staff and I are with you or close by, if needed, 24/7.
  • We take care of all of the details so you can relax and enjoy your participation in the marathon and all of the finer things to see and do when visiting Athens. 

Visiting any foreign destination can be awkward and confusing to the first-time visitor. 

  • Things move at a much slower pace and it takes longer to get to places than one might expect. 
  • I have learned from personal experience that it takes at least two days to get familiar with a new destination. Loss of valuable vacation time.
  • I realize that a person’s vacation time is precious and valuable and I’ve designed our support packages to maximize your time in Athens and avoid the small stresses that first time visitors are often confronted with. Our programs, along with our personal service eliminates all of that.

I realize that price is important to everyone and sometimes things look less expensive on the Internet, but you will find that by the time you pay for all of the daily expenses and extras, you have actually spent about the same or more than if you had gone with one of our hassle-free packages. The internet makes it look easy to book and plan a vacation, please remember you are going to a foreign country to run a marathon, you are on vacation not running around trying to figure out what to see and do during your time there. What is your vacation worth?

  • Athens has so much wonderful history and there are so many great things to see and do that if you go alone you often miss them. 
  • In the last few years, others have attempted to copy our packages. With all due respect, we do believe in healthy and honest competition.  However, recently we have begun to see more “copy-cats” who are misleading in many ways. 
 I hope you will join us and allow my staff and me to help you maximize your visit to Athens and your participation in the Athens Marathon by making it enjoyable and most memorable.   

Paul Samaras

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